The Goddess Yerukalamba

There is a very small temple located exactly behind the Panchamukhi Pranadevaru temple in Gandhal.
Gandhal is a small village in Raichur district of Karnataka and it is famous for the Hanuman or Prabnadevaru Temple.
The Pranadevaru Temple is closely connected with Ramayana.
The temole beneath the rocks

Legend has it that Hanuman sought the help of Vibheeshana to locate Rama and Lakshmana who had been kidnapped by Mahiravana, the brother of Ravana.

Mahiravana had hidden Rama and Lakshmana in his kingdom of Patala. Vibheeeshana told Hanuman that the only way to Patala was either through the palace of Ravana in Lanka or through a cave in Dandakaranya which was guarded by a Goddess called Yerukalamba.
Hanuman knew that entering Ravana’s palace in Lanka and finding the way to Patala was next to impossible. So the only choice was to go through the cave.
Hanuman then came to Gandhal and sought the help of Yerukalamba to enter Patala loka.  The Goddess advised Hanuman to seek out Chandrasena, who was an ardent devotee of  Rama.
Hanuman then approached Chandrasena and told him about Rama and Lakshmana and their kidnap. Chandrasena told Hanuman about the secret of Mahiravana’s life and also the manner in which he could kill the demon king of Patala. 
Hanuman rescued both Rama and Lakshmana from Patala Loka. He then thanked the Goddess and told her that this place would forever be known as Panchamukhi and that she would be here to guard it.
Therefore, the temple of Yerukalamba stands behind the Panchamukhi temple, standing sentinel to the area.
Yerukalamba is another name for Padmavathi. She is the village deity of Gandhal and several other villages in Raichur district. Raghavendra Swamy visited the temple several times and prayed to the Goddess.
Visit this temple after you go to the Panchamukhi Pranadevaru Temple. The Goddess is believed to be a powerful one. It is significant that if it is Manchalamma in Mantralaya, it is Yerukalamba in Panchamukhi.
Raichur is very near from this place and in case you are going back to Bangalore you can take the Raichur route. However, this route is 80 kms more than the Gutti-Ananthapur-Penukonda route to Bangalore.
However, if you take the Raichur route you can visit Manvi, Anegundi, Navabrindavana, Hampi and motor down to Bangalore via Hospet and Chitradurga.   

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