Ganapathy and Rayaru: Who is higher in the Kakshaya

This was an interesting question or rather topic that was posted for discussion at Sumadhwaseva sometime ago. It relates to the position of Raghavendra Swamy and Lord Ganapathy or Vigneshwara in the Taratamya of Gods or celestials and their position in the Kakshya.
The question was in the hierarchy of Gods and celestial beings or Taratamya, and who among Ganapathy and Raghavendra Swamy holds a higher position. So here goes the query posted there.
The topic was so interesting I thought that I would post it in the blog. I spoke to Sri Narahari at his bank in Hosur, Tamil Nadu and obtained his oral permission to post this topic. So here goes the topic.
Position of Raghavendra Swamy and Ganapathy in Taratamya- Who is higher?
This is an intriguing question as it raises several religious issues. The question arises as Raghavendra Swamy will be in the fifteenth kakshya (In Indian astrology, Kakshaya means the eightfold division of a Zodiacal Sign- 3 degrees and 45 minutes, and the eight Kakshyas are Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Sun, Venus, Mercury, Moon the Ascendant). Here, it means classification.
The question is where will we put Raghavendra Swamy when he has Vayu Avesha. In other cases or in his other avatars, he will be placed in the 19th kakshya.
What will be his Kakshya or position when he is invested with the Vayu Avesha (Avesha means existence in the other soul. Sri Narahari Sumadhwa describes it as existence of some god’s shakthi in other soul for execution of a task).
Sumadhwaseva says, “ We cannot determine when Rayaru will have Vayu Avesha. As such let us treat him as in the 19th kakshya. Further, we will be worshipping Vishwambara Roopi
paramathma in Ganesha. As such, whether he is in the 15th or 19th kakshya all are inferior to Srihari or the supreme one in Taratamya”.
Ganapathy is Akashadhipati, Abhimani for Akasha. He is the son of Rudra Devaru and Parvathi and also a great grandson of Lord Hari. A Bala Brahmachari, he occupies the 18th position as per Taratamya, along with Vishwaksena, Ashwini devatas, Kubera and Shsashatasthas.
As such, you are right in worshipping as “Raghavendra Swamy Anthargatha Ganapathy Anthargatha Bharathiramana
Mukhyapranaanthargata Sri Vishwambhara Roopi Paramathma”.
This then poses the interesting question of who among Ganapathy and Raghavendra is in a higher Kakshya?
The Sumadhwaseva website says Shankukarna (after him comes Balmiki, Vyasa Raja and then Raghavendra Swamy) is a Karmaja Devathe or a devoted servant of Sri Hari who appointed him to serve Lord Brahma.
He is in the 19th Kakshya, but when Vayu Avesha is there, the kakshya will change to 15.
Ganapathy is classified as belonging to the 18th Kakshya. As it has been said Vayu Devaru will enter whoever studies his granthas, and as Raghavendra Swamy has done more than that,
can it be concluded that Raghavendra Swamy is higher than Ganapathy?
Then is the statement “Raghavendra Swamy Anthargatha Ganapathy Anthargatha Bharathiramana
Mukhyapranaanthargata Sri Vishwambhara Roopi Paramathma”, as given in the Ganapathy Pooja Padhati correct?
The Sumadhwaseva says Rayaru’s kakshya is 19 – Karmaja devategalu. But sometimes, he will be having the Avesha of Vayudevaru and only then his kakshya will be 15th and this is as per the clarification by Jagannatha Dasa.
In the Dwaitha philosophy, the individual souls are involved in a gradual gradation according to their nature and capacity and this is what Madhwa called Taratamya.
For Madhwa and all Dwaithis, the Supreme God is Hari or Vishnu. What this means is that the top most post in the Taratamya is given to Vishnu. This is the reason he is also called as Sarvottama.
Next to him is Goddess Lakshmi. Then comes Brahma and Vayu and as they are subject to bondage, they are classified as called Jivottamas.
Manushyas are at the bottom of this list.
The list is as follows:
1. Vishnu
2. Lakshmi (Nitya Mukta)
3. Brahma and Vayu and all Rijus (There are one hundred Rijus)
4. Saraswati and Bharati and the wives of all Rijus
5. Garuda, Sesha and Rudra
6. Shanmahishis – The Six Wives of Krishna – Jambavati, Bhadra, Nila or Neela, Kalindi. Mitravinda, Laxana
7. Suparni, Varuni, Parvati (Wives of Garuda, Sesha, Rudra respectively)
8. Indra, Kama
9. Ahankarika Prana
10. Svayambhuvamanu, Daksha Prajapati, Brihaspati, Sachi, Rati, Aniruddha
11. Pravaha Vayu
12. Vivasvan, Chandra, Yama, Shatarupa Devi (wife of Syambhu Manu)
13. Varuna
14. Narada
15. Brigu, Agni, Prasuti (wife of Daksha Prajapati)
16. Marichi, Atri, Angirasa, Pulastya, Pulaha, Lratu, Vashishta – The sons of Brahma and Vishwamitra, Vaivasvata Manu.
17. Mitra, Niruti, Pravahi, Tara (wife of Brihaspati)
18. Vishwaksena, Ganapathi, Ashwini devatas, Kubera, Seshsa Shatasthas
19. Karmaja devatas
20. Parjanya, Ganga (wife of Varuna), Sangnya (wife of Vivasvan), Rohini (wife of chandra), viradusha (wife of Aniruddha), Shyamala (wife of Yama)
21. Svaha
22. Kuumadi Anakhyata devatas
23. Budha
24. Devaki, Yashoda, Usha
25. Shani, Dhara Devi
26. Pushkara
27 Ajanaja devata
28. Pitris
29 Deva gandharva
30. Manushya Gandharva
31. Chakravarti
32. Manushyottama
As we see, the list places Ganapathy higher than Rayaru. Even as per our scriptures, Ganapathy is God, while Rayaru is a God like person, an enlightened soul and a peerless sage. He is an ardent servant of God and it is through him that we can see, approach and take the blessings of God.
So God takes precedence over Rijus and others. So can we conclude that Ganapathy is on a higher plane that Rayaru?.

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