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This Rayaru temple is special

one of the most important institutions. It is here that the successor of Raghavendra Swamy of the Mantralaya Matha or Sri matha, Yogendra Theerta is entombed.

Yogendra Theertha has the distinction of having personally seen Raghavendra Swamy enter the Brindavana in Mantralaya on August 8, 1671. Besides, it is believed that he is the only saint who had Upadesha from the Mantralaya Seer just before he entered Brindavana.

More importantly, he was asked to enter Brindavana on the banks of Cauvery at Srirangam by Raghavendra Swamy himself. The Brindavana of Yogendra Theertha stands next to the Brindavana of Raghavendra Swamy himself.

His poorvashrama name was Venkanacharya and he was the grandson of Gururaja, the elder brother of Raghavendra Swamy.

Yogendra Theertha headed the Mantralaya Matha from 1671 to 1688.

The next Brindavana belongs to Sumateendra Theerta. He too was grandson of  Gururaja. His father’s name was Venkatanarayanacharya and his poorvashrama name was Mudduvenkatakrishnacharya.

He was on the peetha from 1692-1725. He was a favourite with Raghavendra Swamy and studied under him. He was honored by the Queen of Madurai, Mangamma, the Martha Emperor, Shahaji (1684-1711), who was the grandson of Shivaji,   Rayau had foreseen him as following him to the peetha.

Once during one of visits, he recognised the pure bhakti of Helevankatte Giriyamma in Helavanakatte village and saw in person the Haridasi singing devotional songs to Venugopala who danced as a child.

Giriyamma took the child in her lap and asked the seer to give Mantrakahsthe to Venugopala.

The third Brindavana belongs to Upendra Theertha (1725-1728). He was a scholar too and he was the Guru of Vadeendra Theertha, the great grandson of Raghavendra Swamy himself and the author of Guru Gunavasthavana.

All the above three saints are brothers and they occupied the pontificate one after the other. Therefore, Srirangam perhaps is the only place where such a unique Brindavana complex exists.

All the three saints here studied under Rayaru. It is for this reason that they were unmatched in their scholarship and they were champions of Madhwa siddantha.   

Another Brindavana, and this is a little away from these three, belongs to Munendra Theertha. This Brindavana is to the rear of the matha and is located on the western side. Not much is known about this seer.

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