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When Rayaru became a heart surgeon

There is a saying in Kannada about Rayaru or Raghavendra Swamy which when translated into English means that the seer will call us to Mantralaya and get things done.

It is true that Rayaru appears in the dreams of  only a true devotee. But he also ensures that the devotee contributes his mite to society and that he discharges this function n person.

This is what happened to a Maratha residing in Raichur in Karnataka.

This incident revolves around an illness to one the prominent businessman of  Raichur and this happened almost a hundred years ago.

The resident, was undergoing medical treatment at a leading hospital n Mumbai, which then was called Bombay. In those

days, Bombay had the best of medicare and people from north Karnataka preferred Bombay to Bangalore. Even today, this situation continues, though more number of people than ever before are coming to Bangalore.

Coming back to the miracle, the doctors had diagnosed that the businessman had a weakened heart and that the heart operation would be a dangerous procedure. However, there was no other go but to go in for operation as otherwise the chances of the survival of the businessman was nil.

However, as the days passed, the condition of the businessman showed no improvement. On the other hand, there was a marked deterioration in his health and both the family members of the businessman and doctors were apprehensive.

One of the family members then asked the businessman to meditate on Rayaru and seek his blessings. The businessman did so with all sincerity and devotion. He sought Rayaru’s blessings to overcome his health problem.

On night, Rayaru appeared in his dream and performed the heart surgery that the businessman was due to undergo. There is a small digression here of this miracle. Some accounts say that an old ma in saffron clothes oversaw the heart operation which was conducted under his guidance and the junior doctors performed the complicated task.

The businessman began recovering from the next day onwards and this surprised the doctors. When the senior doctor examined the businessman, he and the rest of the medical team were stunned to see that his heart was perfectly normal and that he had completely recovered from the heart ailment.

The doctors refused to believe the businessman when he told them that Rayaru had appeared in his dream and conducted heart surgery. They also refused to acknowledge the fact that any heart patient could so easily ands so quickly recover from a heart operation.

By now, the businessman had come to know that he had recovered only due to the grace of Rayaru. He then resolved to go to Mantralaya once he came back to Raichur.

The businessman and his family members came back to Raichur. They then came to Mantralaya, which is just a short distance from Raichur, and performed sevas to Rayaru.

The businessman too performed seva and profusely thanked Rayaru for his recovery. Rayaru then again appeared in the dreams of the businessman and ordered him to take steps to get the mantapa around his Brindavana and surrounding structures (in Mantralaya) renovated.

The businessman was doubly happy. He realised that he had been twice blessed by Rayaru. The first time was when Rayaru performed his heart operation and the second was when Rayaru appeared ion his dreams at Mantralaya and asked him to build some structures.

Rayaru wanted an RCC structure to be built around the Brindavana so that the devotees would not face any problem and that that would be sufficient privacy for the devotees and space to perform seves and meditate.

The businessman gladly agreed and he went to the then Swamiji of the Mantralaya Matha, who agreed to the request of the businessman and his brothers to construct RCC structures.

Today, many of the structures of the Sri Raghavendra Swamy Temples in Mantralaya, including the structures adjoining the Brindavana were built by the businessman and his brothers.

The name of the businessman: Malappa Shinde.

 Shinde and his brothers are believed to have Rs. 4 lakhs to complete the structures. The buildings came up just before the Aradhana celebrations in 1921.