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The house where Rayaru was born

The house where Rayaru was born

This is the house in Bhuvanagiri where Raghavendra Swamy or Rayaru was born sometime in 1595. There is a signboard here by the district administration testifying to this fact.
Bhuvanagiri is near Chidambaram in Tamil Nadu.
By the way, there is some controversy over the birthplace of our beloved Rayaru. While many say it is this house in Bhuvanagiri, others say it is Kumbokanam and still a few others say it is Cauverypattinam where Rayaru’s parent’s Thimanna Bhatta and Gopikamba lived.
By the way, Rayaru also stayed for several years at Srimusham at a house. This house too, like the one at Bhuvanagiri, has been transformed into a Raghavendra Swamy Matha.