The Parampare of the Rayaru Matha

All the mathas, whether they are Madhwa mathas or any other, have their own and distinct Guru parampare or seers who have occupied the matha pontificate.

However, the Madhwa mathas have a unique Parampare which is generally not found in any other religious order and if they are found, it is not in such a manner.

All the Madhwa maths trace their lineage to Madhwacharya (1199-1287). Apart from founding the Asta Mathas and giving Deekshe to eight seers who became the first seers to ascend the peetha of the eight mathas, Madhwacharya appointed Padmanabha Theertha as his successor. After him came three other direct disciples of Madhwacharya-Narahari Theertha, Madhava Theertha and Akshobya Theertha in that order.   

Since then, the mathas have split and evolved into different branches. All the mathas have common Guru Parampare till Madhwacharya and then the division begins.

The Sripadaraja Matha traces its origin to Padmanabha Theertha (1317-1325) who gave deekshe to Lakshmidhara Theertha (1324-1330) of Mulabagal.

After this matha comes the division of other mathas. The Rayaru matha agrees on the Guru parampare till Ramachandra Theertha (1406-1435) after which it says Vibhudendra Theertha (1435-1490) ascended the peetha.

The Matha was known as Vibhudendra Theertha matha till the tome of Vijendra Theertha after which it came to known as Vijendra Theertha Matha. Once Rayaru ascended the peetha, it came to be known as Rayaru or Raghavendra Swamy Matha or Mantralaya Matha.

The Matha parampare is as follows.


Shri Hamsanamaka Paramatma

Shri Chaturmukha Brahma

Shri Sanaka Theertha

Shri Sanandana Theertha

Shri Sanatkumara Theertha

Shri Sanatana Theertha

Shri Doorvasa Theertha

Shri Jnananidhi Theertha

Shri Garuda Vahana Theertha

Shri Kaivalya Theertha

Shri Jnanesha Theertha

Shri Para Theertha

Shri Satyaprajna Theertha

Shri Prajna Theertha.

Shri Achyutaprekshacharya

Shri Madhwacharya

Shri Padmanabha Theertha

Shri Narahari Theertha

Shri Madhava Theertha

Shri Akshobhya Theertha

Shri Jayatheertha

Shri Vidyadhiraja Theertha

Shri Kaveendra Theertha

Shri Vaageesha Theertha

Shri Ramachandra Theertha

Shri Vibhudeendra Theertha   (1435-1490)

Shri Jitamitra Theertha            (1490-1492)

Shri Raghunandana Theertha  (1492-1504)

Shri Surendra Theertha            (1504-1575)

Shri Vijayeendra Theertha       (1575-1614)

Shri Sudheendra Theertha        (1614-1636)

Shri Raghavendra Theertha      (1636-1671)

Shri Yogeendra Theertha          (1671-1688)

Shri Sooreendra Theertha          (1688-1692)

Shri Sumateendra Theertha       (1692-1725)

Shri Upendra Theertha              (1725-1728)

Shri Vadeendra Theertha           (1728-1750)

Shri Vasudendra Theertha         (1750-1761)

Shri Varadendra Theertha          (1761-1785)

Shri Dheerendra Theertha          (1785-1785)

 Shri Bhuvanendra Theertha       (1785-1799)

 Shri Subhodendra Theerha         (1799-1805)

Shri Sujanendra Theertha            (1807-1836)

Shri Sugjnandra Theertha            (1836-1861)

Shri Sudharmendra Theertha       (1861-1872)

Shri Sugunendra Theertha            (1872-1884)

Shri Suprajnendra Theertha          (1884-1903)

Shri Sukrutheendra Theerth          (1903-1912)

Shri Susheelendra Theertha          (1912-1926)

Shri Survateendra Theertha           (1926-1933)

Shri Suyamendra Theertha            (1933-1967)

Shri Sujayeendra Theertha             (1963-1986)

Shri Sushameendra Theertha          (1986-2009)

Shri Suyateendra Theertha –         Present Pontiff



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