Haridasa Sahitya (Part five)

The Haridasa who has written the maximum number of compositions in Rayaru must be Guru Jagannatha Dasa of Kosigi. This Dasa is often confused with the Jagannatah Dasa who wrote Sriharikathamrutasara.

Both the Jagannatah Dasa lived in different centuries. Jagannatah Dasa of Mani who wrote Sriharikathamrutasara lived in the 18th century and Guru Jagannatha Dasa in the 19th century.

Guru Jagannatha Dasa had a large body of disciples whom he inspired to furtherthe Dasa Sahitya movement. He also wrote commentaries in both Sanskrit and English on Sriharikathamrutasara. Hence, this section starts with this Dasa.

Guru Jagananatha Dasaru (1837-1918)

 He is often confused with Jagannatha Dasa of Manvi.

He (Guru Jagannatha Dasa) was born in Kesigi or Kosigi in Kurnool district, Andhpra Pradesh in 1836.

He was given the Ankita of Guru Jagannatha Vittala by Gopala Dasa in a dream.

He has to his credit 30 books on philosophy like Brahma Sutra Bhashya, Para Para Tatwa Deepika. He is the author of 40 stotras in Sanskrit and a number of songs in Kannada. He has written a commentary on Harikathamruthasara in Kannada and Sanskrit.

He passed away in Kautala in Adoni taluk. 

Varadesha Vittala Dasa

 He was the grandson of Pranesha Dasa and son of Rama Dasa or Sreesha (Shrisha) Pranesha Vittala.

He obtained the special grace of Raghavendra Swamy and he had the darshana of Rayaru at Anu Manthralaya. There is a temple of Raghavendra Dwamy near the Mantralaya Road Railway station. This is called Anu or small Mantralaya. It is here that this Dasa managed to obtain the darshan of Gurugalu.

He obtained deeksha from Kosagi Guru Jagannatha Dasa who hailed from Gopala Dasa’s shishya parampara. He knew several foreign and Indian languages including Sanskrit and Kannada.

His Pada, Padya and suladis in Kannada are unmatched in their beauty and content.

He was born as Swami Rao and he was a friend of Gorebala Hanumantha Rayo of Raichur. He was a lawyer by profession.

Prasanna Theertha

Prasana Theertha is the ankita of  Vidya Prasanna Theertha of Vyasaraja Sosale Matha. He has composed several Haridasa Krutigalu. Some of them are Tunga Bhujamgana, Bhaya Unte Hariye, Huu Beake, Jaya Pranadeva, Karta Krishnaiyya, Rama Bhajano Mado, Kuni Kuni Yelo and Srimad Ramayana

Abhinava Janardana Vittala Dasa

He is also known as Prema Dasa of Somapur. He hailed

from Somapura of Gadwal in Andhra Pradesh. He was given Deekshe by Jagannatha Dasa.

He was a devotee of Raghavendra Swamy. He is the author of “Mantralaya Mandira”.

Anantadasa Vittalacharya  

He hailed from Gokak in Belgaum district. He was called Gokavi Anantacharya. He was a Sanskrit scholar and musicologist too. He has composed Venkatesa Parijaia, Siva Panjata, Dhruva Charitre  and Prahlada Charitre. He had the inherent ability to bring out hidden meanings of Vedic literatures through his writings. His description of the Brahmanda in Venkatesa Parijata is wonderful.

Asigyala Govinda Dasa (1873-1915)

He was born in Asigyala of Raichur district.

He was given the ankita Govinda Vittala by Raghavendra Dasa of Mahaboobnagar. He had composed number of songs and plays of Kanakangi Kalyana and Dasa Prabandha. His Kaliyuga lavane is famous. 

Sri Sundara Vittala Dasa1893-1969

He was born as Gorebale Hanumantha Rao in Linasugur in Raichur district to Venkat Rao and Balamma. He became a successful lawyer, before being initiated into Haridasa parampare.

He was a disciple of Guru Jaganntha Dasa of Kosigi and got the Anikta Sundara Vittala from him.

He wrote under the ankita Sundara Vittala.

Varadendra Vittala Dasa (1886-1960)

He was born in Lingasugur as Venkatesha Hallerao. He was a disciple of Guru Jagannatah Dasa of Kosigi. He wrote under the Ankita Varadendra Vittala.

Varada Vittala Dasa (1872-1935)

He was born in Chitradurga as Hanumanth Rao. His perceptor was Guru Jagannatah Dasa of Kosigi. He wrote under the pen name Varada Vittala.

Tande Muddu Mohana Dasa (1865-1940)

He belonged to the lineage of Vijaya dasa and Gopala Dasa. His parets were Seshappa and Lakshmi Devamma of Narsipura, near Karigiri (Devarayanadurga). He married Anchamma of Narsipura. He was born as Narsipura Subbaraya.

He got the ankita from Mudu Mohana Vittala Dasa of Doddaballapur.e gave deekshe to 1165 disciples. His first disciple was Bagepalli Sesharaya. He was asked to preach the prisoners of Bangalore central jail.

His most famous composition is “Chintyake”. Purandara dasa to has written a song with the same name. 

Jayesha Vittala Dasa (1850-1932)

He was earlier known as Attaji Venkatarayaru. He lived in Mysore and he belonged to the lineage of  Mohana Dasa.



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