Haridasa Sahitya (Part six)

The twentieth and twenty first centuries have seen an explosion of Interest in Dasa Sahitya and the names of Sripadara, Vyasa Raja, Vadiraja, Purandara Dasa, Kanaka Dasa, Vijaya Dasa, Jagannatah Dasa are known all over the world.

But what very few people know is that there are other dasas who kept this movement alive and they ignited a love of Dasa sahitya among their many disciples.

Apart from Raichur, other cities such as Mysore, Bangalore and Hubli-Dharwad soon became the centre of Dasa Sahitya and sangeeta.

Mysore soon took on the role Hampi had done centuries ago. This was os as the reigning Wodeyars were patrons of art, architecture, painting, literature amns music. Many Wodeyar Kings themsevles were composers of merit.

 Krishna Avadootaru (1836-1909)

 He is regarded by many as the three main devotees of Rayaru-the other two being Appancharya and Ibharampura Appa.

He has given us the excellent Raghavvendra Tantra, which Avadootaru says came from Rayaru himself in a dream. The Tantra is an excellent piece of literature and it tells us the easiest way we can get our wishes fulfilled when we pray to Raghavendra Swamy.

He has written works on Dwaitha, Adwaitha and Vishistadwaitha. He hailed from Sondur and he was highly placed official in the court of Ghorpades before he took to a life of a mendicant.

 Guru Govinda Vittala Dasa

He was a disciple of Tande Muddu Mohana Dasa. He was earlier known as M.R. Govinda Rao. He was the last disciple of Tande Muddu Mohana Dasaru.  His famous composition is “Baraiyya Bhagannane”.

Karpara Narahari Vittala Dasa (1896-1979)

He was born as Koppara Giri Acharya. He wrote under the ankita Karpara Narahari. He was born in Koppar and his preceptor was Yalameli Vittalacharya.

Shyamasundara Dasa (1903-1956)

 He was known as Manvi Gundacharya. His ankita was Shyamasundara. His preceptor was Asigyala Govinda Dasa. He was born in Lingasugur. His popular composirion is “Enta Dayavantanu”. His other compositions include “Rayara Paadu yale manave” and “Kayo Kaveri Ranga.”

Abhinava Pranesha Vittala Dasa (1902-1978)

He was born as Hanumantha Rao Archaka. His ankita was Abhinava Pranesha Vittala. His ankita was given to him in a dream by Pranesha Dasa.

He hailed from Lingasugur in Raichur district.

Tande Venkatesha Vittala Dasa (1907-1982)

He was born as Ramachandra Rao. He belonged to Chitradurga. His ankita was Tande Venkatesha Vittala. His preceptor was Uragadrivasa Vittala Dasa.

 Madhwesha Vittala Dasa

He was earlier known as Kondali Madhwacharya.

Among his famous compositions are:  “Bandano Raghavendra” and “Banda Na Guru,” and “Banda durithava”. Some of his other songs include “Vara mantralaya”.

Indiresha Dasa

He was born as Pandurangi Hucchacharya.

He has some excellent compositions such as “Raghavendra guna Sagara noddenna hariyanu thorinna”,  “Bare namma mane thanaka bhagayada devi”,  “Vandishuve Raghuvarana”,  “Vandipe Gakamukhane”, “Hosakannu Enage” , “ Barenammane Tanaka”, “Baare Venkataramani” and “Briguvarabarali beku”.

When Ibharampura Appa was taken out in a magnificent procession in Mtsore to the Main palace when Mummadi Krishna Raja Wodeyar was the King, Indiresha Dasa has described the whole incident in his book Krishnamruta Kathasaagara.

By the way, there are several Haridasas who trace their lineage to Vijaya Dasa and Venugopala Dasa (Panganama Dasa).

The lineage is as follows:

1. Vijaya Dasa

2. Venu Gopala Vittala Dasa

3. Vyasa Vittala Dasa

4. Raghupati Vittala Dasa

5. Srinivasa Bhuvaraha Raghupati Vittala Dasa

6. Sripati Vittala Dasa

7. Tande Sripati Vittala Dasa

8. Srinidhi Vittala Dasa

 9 Srivara Vittala Dasa

10 Muddu Mohana Vittala Dasa

11Tande Muddu Mohana Vittala Dasa 


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