A short but sweet composition

One of the foremost Haridasa is Vijaya Dasa (1682-1755). It is he who is responsible for the second coming of the Haridasa Sahitya or Dasa Koota which was founded by Vyasa Raja or Vyasa Theertha (1447-1539).

Vijaya Dasa received his ankita from Purandara Dasa and it was in a dream. According to belief, Vijaya Dasa was Madhwapati Dasa in his earlier avatar and he took birth to write 25,000 compositions. It was this Haridasa who first enlightened the world about the hidden facts of Raghavendra Swamy and threw new light on the Mantralaya seer’s holiness and saintliness.

Vijaya Dasa saw Rayaru several times in the Brindavana in Mantralaya and he has written several compositions on this aspect.

This is a small but beautiful poem on Rayau as Vijaya dasa saw him one day when he visited Mantralaya.

This composition is titled Raghavendra guru pAvanakaya and it is a small eulogy on Rayaru.

This is how the English lyrics of the composition are:


Raghavendra guru pAvanakaya
Raghavendra mantralaya nilaya

Raghavendra durithauga parihara
Raghaveshana pAda vanajarAdhaka

sharaNu hokkenO indhu  kirana pOluva nimma charaNa
smaraNe karunisuvudhu karunadhindha guru.

sirivara vijaya vittala paranendhu
sthiravAgi sThApisi meredha nirmalakaya.


There are several other poems that Vijaya Das has written on Rayasu but this is the shortest and it is easy to memorise and recite. Vijaya Dasa was a frequent visitor to Mantralaya and also Bichale where Raghavendra Swamy stayed for thirteen years from 1658 till he entered Brindavana in 1671.

Vijaya Dasa also visited the Panchamukhi Hanuman temple in Gandhal where Rayaru sat and meditated. It is at this temple that Hanuman gave his darshana to Rayau as a five-headed monkey God. Hence, the name Panchamukhi (five faced) Hanuman.

While Mantralaya is in Andhra Pradesh, both Gandhal and Bichale are in Karnataka. Gandhal and Bichale can be seen in a day and there are plenty of shared autorickshaws and tempos from Mantralaya to both these places.      

Apart from the Vijayadasara Katte in Chikalparvi, there is another similar katte in Adoni or Adwani. Both are in Andhra Pradesh and we get Adoni when we travel to Mantralaya from Bangalore on the Andhra Pradesh route (Anantapur-Penukonda). 


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