Aradhane of Jitamitra Theertha

The Aradhana of one of the most famous and scholarly seers of the Mantralaya Sri Raghavendra Swamy Matha,  Jitamitra Theertha, is being celebrated at Shri Jitamitra Gadde, Shivpur, Yadgir Taluk, Gulbarga district from December 31.
The Aradhana will be spread over three days and this is the 521st Aradhane of this great seer.
He succeeded to the Sri Matha after Vibhudendhra Theertha entered Brindavana in Tamrapani in Tamil Nadu. He was followed to the peetha by Raghunandana Theertha. He is believed to be an amsha of Rudra Devaru. He planted a gum tree in Bichale near Mantralaya. The original gum tree in Bichale was destroyed when the Tungabhadra flooded and entered Bichale and the Japada Katte where the tree had been planted.  
Unlike many others seers, Jitamitra Theertha did not enter Brindavana. He disappeared into the gum tree under which he taught students in Jitamitra Gadde.
The Gadde is a small but beautiful island at the confluence of the Bheema and the Krishna.  
Jitamitra Theertha is 12th Pontiff from Madwacharya. .
The Aradhana will be held on Dec 31, 2013, January 1, 2014 and January 2, 2014.
On January 1, 2014, Suyateendra Theertha and  Subhudendra Theertha will participate  in the Aradhane celebrations and the Sri Samsthana pooje will be performed by the seers.

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