Rayaru’s image on a wall

There are scores of Mathas dedicated to Raghavendra Swamy in Bangalore. While a few such as the one in Jayanagar 5th Block and Seethapathi Agrahara are managed by the Mantralaya Matha directly, others are private and a few run by trusts.

All the Raghavendra Swamy Mathas in Bangalore are popular and there is good crowd of devotees on Thursdays, holidays and of course the three days of Aradhane of Rayaru.

The mathas are known in the Brahmin community for providing facilities for celebrating family functions, festivals, birthdays, shanti and other religious and social functions.

However, in the last few weeks, one Raghavendra Swamy matha in Bangalore has been making news. This is the Matha at Kalyani Gardens in Ashoknagar just off Thyagarajanagar and it is popularly called the Kalyani Raghavendra Swamy Matha or the Sathyabama Seethamma Kalyani Sri Raghavendashrama.  

The Kalyani Raghavendra Swamy Matha it is located next to the Madhwa Patashala and both are easily visible from the road.

The Matha has been drawing visitors and devotees because of a unique phenomenon. An image of Raghavendra Swamy is manifesting itself on the left outer wall of the Prakara housing the Brindavana of Raghavendra Swamy.

The image is slowly becoming more and more visible each day and the outlines of the face with eyes and nose can clearly been seen. There is no doubt that the image on a wall is that of our beloved Rayaru.

Till a few days ago, the image was left as it is on the wall. When the image was touched, the concrete surface was smooth than the rest of the wall. Many devotes and the priests there told us that when they reverentially touched the image, it felt soft.

The image is developing by the day and as many people were touching it, the temple management decided to protect it by encasing it in a wooden frame with a glass front.

So if you go to the Matha, you can see the outlines of Rayaru through the glass.

This is perhaps the first time in Bangalore that any such image of our Rayaru is manifesting on its own. 

The Kalyani Rayaru Matha is one of the oldest in Bangalore and it was established almost 70 years ago.   

According to some devotees and localities, it was Mrs. Seethamma and Ananda Tirthachar Kalyani who had built the Temple, performed Pratishtha and Utsarga of  Raghavendra Swamy at this very place (where the Brindavana is located) in 1942-43.

Thereafter, Mrs. Seethamma and Mr. Kalyani were functioning as Dharma Karthas of the temple. In 1953, the whole establishment was transferred to Mr. A.V. Krishna Murthy. However, in 1957 Mr. A.V. Krishna Murthy re-transferred the Temple Mutt and Pathasala to Mrs. Seethamma Kalyani requesting her to manage the Temple poojas and kattales

The KalyaniGardens is a small industrial area that lies between Banashankari 1st Stage and N. R Colony.

The temple of Raghavendra Swamy is off  the 6th Cross and one can easily access this road from Chennammana Kere road and from Vidyapeetha on one side and N.R. Colony-Thyagarajanagar-Ashoknagar on the other.  

The temple is located just off a 30 feet road which is open to both way traffic. Since there are several industries, business and commercial establishments in and around the vicinity, the road has traffic. When we visited the temple first, the outline of Rayaru was only faintly visible but when we saw it two days ago, it was more clear as the following pictures will show. Now, the image is encased in a wooden frame with glass to prevent people from touching it. The photo is a little hazy as there is bulb burning constantly over the mage and its light falls directly on the image.  

So, here are some photos of the image and the Kalyani Rayara Matha.Image

As can be Imageseen, the outlines of Rayaru  are forming on the outer left wall of the prakara housing the Brindavana. 

aImage wooden frame with  



2 thoughts on “Rayaru’s image on a wall

    • Mr. Madhusudhan,
      It matters little whether you believe or not. Belief is highly personal and there are photographs to indicate the face on the wall. Please visit the Kalyani temple and then make comments. Moreover, this post is about Rayaru and his miracles. Miracles are highly personal experiences and even they cannot be explained by science or rationality. By the way, much of ancient Indian science, is based on religion. One suggestion. Instead of waiting for what you call creative movie, go ahead and make it on your own.

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